Passion, hard work and commitment to deliver the best service to our clients and investors

Cassiopeia Services are a unique boutique global Public and Investor Relations agency based in London. Founded by Stefania Barbaglio in early 2015, Cassiopeia Services has soon established itself as one of the leading small cap becoming reference point for HNWIs and private investors in United Kingdom. Cassiopeia expertise goes beyong the traditional financial PR and Investor Relations including corporate and strategic advisory, fundraising, IPO and ICOs, branding, events, social media support and marketing campaigns.  Our fresh and creative approach, with core focus on maximising our client company’s ethos and specific goals, through direct communication strategy, give us an edge among our peers.




We study, we listen, we help you to find the best strategy to achieve results. We think that passion and commitment are the fundamentals of success. We only work with clients who we trust and believe in.