Cassiopeia Investor Symposia

Cassiopeia Services are proud to present an exclusive series of Investor symposia across the United Kingdom. Designed specifically for London listed companies and retail investors, promoting transparency with personal face to face communication directly to their investor base. Our specially tailored evenings are aimed at offering board members the opportunity to get to know their investors, share their company plans, answer questions thus establishing stronger relationships with their retail base.


Next Cassiopeia Symposium is planned for end May in London. Companies interested to present please contact: 

Investors who wish to attend can register their interest at



• A bespoke opportunity to meet face-to-face with management & the companies’ directors, learn about their strategies and discuss potential investment opportunities
• Discover potential ‘new’ investment opportunities as you meet like minded proactive investors within the retail investor sphere.
• Networking with peers & companies is information gathering. A must for any serious investor!

Cassiopeia Symposia are organised for all retail investors, sophisticated investors, high net worth community, institutional investors, brokers as well as industry experts and analysts.

PREVIOUS EVENTS Cassiopeia Symposia London - 25 January 2018